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Bridging the Gap: The Digital Divide and Small Businesses Without an Online Presence

In an era where the world is increasingly interconnected through the internet, small businesses without an online presence face significant challenges. The digital divide, a gap between those with access to technology and those without, continues to affect countless enterprises. This divide becomes starkly evident in the absence of a website or digital footprint for these businesses.

Tony T
December 8, 2023
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In Black Tech We Trust

The "In Black Tech We Trust" movement is a call to action, encouraging us to be both creators and contributors to the world of technology. It's about rewriting the narrative, breaking down barriers, and ultimately increasing Black presence and ownership in the tech landscape. It's a rallying cry for change and progress, with the belief that technology should be inclusive and diverse, just like the world it serves.

Adam N.
November 4, 2023
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